Easy Little Red Riding Hood Cape

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This post was way over due but I find it something worth sharing so I finally found time to post it here. My eldest daughter (not the one in the above photo) keep on telling me to make her a Little Red Riding Hood cape. So after a few weeks of peskiness, I finally gave in.

Despite being short on budget I managed to make her a Little Red Riding Hood cape with only one meter of fabric. Yes, one one meter. And that cost me 40PHP.

So here is my step by step tutorial on how to make a Little Red Riding Hood cape using one meter of fabric.

Materials Needed:
One Yard of RED Fabric 60 inches x 60 inches (I only used Alpha Gina Fabric, because it's only for dress up, but you can use silk if you want.)

Scissors (Find a nice and sharp one, it would save you from headache.)

Sewing machine ( You can sew by hand but that would be quite tedious, yet ok if you have lots of time to spare)

2 meters of 3/8 inch Red ribbon (I already had it on hand, the red ribbons from Red Ribbon Bakeshop that I used to save. But you can buy it at 1-2 pesos per meter I think.)

1. Cut one third of the fabric and put it aside, the 2/3 will be for the body and the 1/3 will be for the hood.

2. Then for the 2/3 of fabric cut it as illustrated above.

3. Trace the neckline on the 2/3 of fabric with the 1/3 of fabric.

4. Sew the necklines together. Then sew hems on the edges of the fabric.

5. Insert the ribbon inside the hem on the hood part, this will make your hood adjustable, making this Little Red Riding Hood suitable for kids ages two upto six years of age.

6. Then let your little girl wear it pride. You now have a cute Little Red Riding Hood dress-up costume.

Have you tried making this project? I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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